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Quick StartIntroduction

high performance

Support billion-level timeline and PB-level time series data management, write tens of millions of data per second and query response at millisecond level. Compared with InfluxDB, the performance of simple query is improved by 2-5 times, and the performance of complex query is improved by 60 times


It adopts MPP large-scale parallel processing layered architecture, which consists of three components ts-sql, ts-meta, and ts-store. Each component can be independently expanded, and supports large-scale cluster deployment of 100+ nodes.

Integration of storage analysis

The built-in AI data analysis platform provides real-time anomaly detection capabilities for time series data, and realizes complete closed-loop management of data from storage to analysis.

high data compression

Columnar storage method is adopted to provide efficient data compression algorithm. Under the same amount of data, the storage cost is only 1/20 of relational database and 1/10 of NoSQL.